OFFSITE Events & Catering

OFFSITE’s Cocktail Service is built on three principles; drinks should be beautiful; they should be fresh, innovative, and delicious; and no one should ever wait in line.  We manage beverage service from groups from intimate to giant, yet we refuse to compromise on hospitality, while ensuring that every drink comes out tasting great.

You want fine dining out in a field? No problem. You want to throw a party for 2500 of your closest friends? We've got you. Need an elephant? African or Indian? We are well versed in the language of events, and can't wait to collaborate with you.


OFFSITE Brand Strategy & Events

Bartending is changing so fast, and with it, so are bartenders. This increasingly engaged, intellectually curious, worldly bartender community is no longer content with an off-the-shelf brand training, and actively seek out (and create!) opportunities for deep-dive education and professional development. OFFSITE thrives in the intersection of brands and the bartenders: two groups that want to interact, but, are, all too often, speaking fundamentally different languages. OFFSITE straddles the line between the worlds of mise en place and marketing, connecting a DOF of Dem. and a KAM’s KPIs.