Bartender Education isn't a trend, it's a movement. 


Jim Class is a multi-tiered activation where guests take a deep-dive into sensory science, maturation and distillation, and industry regulation, all hosted in beautiful, unique locations across North America. 

Mixing the traditional with the inspirational, Jim Class operates on a “knowledge is power” philosophy, utilizing the tools available at distilleries to craft new educational content. Trade members are craving information, and are often frustrated with the overly branded presentations that they must endure to acquire it. Jim Class' success lies in its ability to teach the trade in a way that is authentic, accurate and entertaining.


Distilling Academy is a four-week, hands-on, chemistry-driven distillation class designed specifically for bartenders. Starting with raw material in the first class, students physically partake in -- and make intentional, defendable decisions about -- every step of the distillation process, up to, and including, barreling a single barrel spirit. Limited to 10 students per session, our graduates are tending bar (and managing) some of the most prestigious bar programs in Boston and around the country.


The Cocktail Development Program is an immersive three days during which bartenders learn about the history, philosophy and production methods utilized in tequila, as well as the local, seasonal ingredients that inform the cuisine of Jalisco. Guests are enlisted to help create a library of delicious, innovative cocktails inspired by the spirit and the place.


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