Whiskey League Presents: Old Forester

  • The Hawthorne 500 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA, 02215 United States

The return of Whiskey league has finally arrived! Join us once again for an in-depth tasting of some fantastic whiskey producers. November will feature Old Forester, and their Master Bourbon Specialist, Jackie Zykan at The Hawthorne in Kenmore Square. The tasting will begin at 6:00pm, with snacks and cocktails available before and after. 

Tickets are $25 - Available Here

Old Forester's history as a quality product goes back to 1870 as the first whiskey to be sold in sealed bottles. Since that time, their commitment to quality and tradition has lasted generations, and prohibition! Old Forester owes it's original popularity to it's use as a medicinal product, but even though your doctor can no longer prescribe whiskey for what ails you, Old Forester continues to be a great, American bourbon brand to this day. 

Whiskey League is your next step in becoming a more educated drinker. Have you ever wondered how your bartender knows so much about every whiskey on her bar? It's because she attends countless presentations and tastings from whiskey professionals just like this one! Whiskey League is a monthly club where we bring these exclusive tasting and education opportunities straight to you....because you're worth it.

May 20
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